Randburg Security is a professional company experienced in the installation and maintenance of CCTV systems. We design security systems specific to your requirements, tailor made to suit your application and budget. We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality equipment to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction.

CCTV has been successful in playing a part in convicting criminals for theft and vandalism, and provides crucial evidence in a court of law. We are experienced in covert systems where cameras can be hidden in a variety of everyday fittings i.e. light fittings, clocks etc. virtually invisible to the naked eye.

IP Cameras

Megapixel IP cameras on IP recording platforms are extremely cost effective. Fewer megapixel cameras are required to cover the same physical area, and resolution and picture quality are greatly improved over standard-resolution cameras. Using fewer cameras offers the additional cost-saving benefit of reduced cables, camera housings, lenses, NVR licensing fees and NVR systems, and installation expenditures. Even before factoring in the value of megapixel imaging, IP security systems already offer several benefits that can help make a case for strong ROI

Thermal Cameras

Visible light, which the human eye can see and standard cameras can detect and display, requires a light source such as the sun or a flood light. Even day/night cameras, which use the near-infrared spectrum, require some light to operate – either natural or a dedicated IR-lamp.

A thermal camera requires no light source, as thermal radiation is emitted from every object with a temperature above zero degrees. Even very cold objects, like ice, emit thermal radiation. The hotter the object, the greater the radiation. The greater the temperature differences in a scene, the clearer the image a thermal camera will offer.

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