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Randburg Security is the number one premier provider for all your video surveillance and security camera system needs. From CCTV video surveillance cameras to Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), we specialise in the highest quality security camera equipment for simple and complex security installations.

Our broad range of security cameras for surveillance systems include infrared domed cameras, high-resolution weather-proof outdoor CCD IR cameras, high resolution colour outdoor speed dome cameras and more many more. Our security cameras range from 500 x 582 to 811 x 508 for number of pixels. Horizontal resolutions include 420TVL 520TV lines 560TV lines 600TVL lines and 700TV lines. Randburg Security offers you indoor and outdoor video surveillance cameras, some of our cameras have night vision capabilities.

Besides security camera systems, we stock a wide range of accessories for your video surveillance systems and these include products such as BNC/power cables, extra hard drives, security camera brackets and holders, AC adaptors and many more.

What’s the best camera for your video surveillance system?

The most important factor in purchasing a security camera for your video surveillance system is the resolution, as rated by TV lines. The higher the TV lines the greater the resolution that is why our security camera systems offer some of the best and highest resolutions of 420, 540, 560, 600 and 700 TV lines.

Another factor in purchasing a security camera for your video surveillance system should be the pickup device or imaging sensor used on the camera. Older security cameras used CMOS whereas all our products use CCD which is much more sensitive to light conditions with superior image quality. Certain higher end security camera systems use “Super HAD” which is twice as sensitive to light as a regular CCD, thus producing more vivid colours and images. CCDs come in various sizes: ¼ inch, 1/3 inch, ½ inch. The different sizes impact range capabilities of the video surveillance camera for example ½ inch is more suited to up close images while the other sizes provide a balance between longer range and close images. The size refers to the actual size of the sensor inside the security camera of your video surveillance system and that is the one which picks up lighting conditions.

A third factor in purchasing a security camera for your video surveillance system is infrared (IR) projection distance. This refers to how well the CCTV camera sees at night and the distance the CCTV camera can see out to without degradation in image quality.

A final factor in purchasing a video surveillance system security camera is whether it will be used for indoor or outdoor security application. Here, the casing is the main issue. Metallic casing security cameras are suited to outdoor security surveillance use. Plastic casing CCTV cameras on the other hand cannot withstand harsh weather and thus are suited for indoor video surveillance systems.

What should you be careful of when buying video surveillance system security cameras?

If you are looking for security cameras for your video surveillance systems, you need to make sure that you are comparing apples with apples. A common mistake is to simply compare prices from mass back door companies versus specialty security system suppliers such as Randburg Security. The mainstream retailer security cameras overwhelmingly tend to be the older 420TVL with lower resolution and lower image clarity.

The primary reason for purchasing a video surveillance system is for deterring criminal activity and for use in legal prosecution in the event that a criminal activity has occurred.

With such an important role to play, that means you should not be penny wise and value foolish by purchasing a low-end security camera system which could lead to an inability to make out details of perpetrators and hinder successful legal prosecution.

Why buy from Randburg Security versus others?

You are guaranteed the best service, right equipment for your application, our rates are very competitive thus value for money. Our turn-around time is just 4 hours after logging a call; this is because we are concerned about the safety of our clients. All our products and workmanship carries a warranty of 1 year.

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